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Teriyaki Donburi

Savor Authentic Japanese Flavors with Epicured's Teriyaki Donburi
Dive deep into the heart of Japanese cuisine with Epicured's Teriyaki Donburi. Crafted with precision and a commitment to quality, this sumptuous bowl encapsulates the essence of Tokyo's vibrant street food scene. Whether you opt for chicken, beef, tofu, or turkey, each bite promises a symphony of flavors that sing praises of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Painstakingly curated for those with a discerning palate, our Teriyaki Donburi isn't just a meal—it's an experience. And for those on a Low FODMAP diet, it's a dream come true. Now, you no longer have to sideline your culinary cravings. With Epicured, enjoy the taste of tradition, tailor-made for today's health-conscious gourmet.
Key highlights:
Authenticity at its Best: Immerse yourself in a genuine Japanese culinary journey.
Low FODMAP Certified: Crafted with love for those with sensitive digestion.
Versatile Choices: Chicken, Beef, Tofu, or Turkey—pick your pleasure. Quick and Easy:
No lengthy preparations. Dive right into delectable flavors.
Distinct Packaging: Teriyaki Sauce packaged separately for convenience.
Unleash a world of unforgettable flavors and unmatched quality. Order your Teriyaki Donburi from Epicured today and satiate your Japanese food fantasies!

Packaged Separately: Teriyaki Sauce.

The benefits of a low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi are manifold, especially for individuals with sensitive digestive systems. The low FODMAP (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols) diet is recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders. Here are the primary benefits of a low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi:
Digestive Comfort: Reduced FODMAP content can minimize the risk of triggering digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, and constipation, which are common in individuals with IBS.
Taste Without Compromise: A low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi allows individuals on a restrictive diet to enjoy the rich, savory flavors of a classic Japanese dish without the concern of potential GI discomfort.
Nutritional Benefits: A well-formulated low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi can still provide essential nutrients. By choosing lean meats, tofu, and low FODMAP vegetables, individuals can receive a good balance of proteins, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.
Mental Ease: Knowing that the meal adheres to the guidelines of a low FODMAP diet can provide peace of mind to individuals who are often anxious about food choices due to their sensitive digestive systems.
Increased Dietary Variety: For individuals adhering to a low FODMAP diet, finding diverse and delicious meals can be a challenge. A Teriyaki Donburi option offers an opportunity to diversify the diet while still staying within the dietary guidelines.
Inclusion and Social Comfort: Dietary restrictions can often lead to individuals feeling left out in social eating situations. A low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi means that even those with IBS can participate in the joy of shared meals.
Promotion of Gut Health: While the primary focus of a low FODMAP diet is to reduce symptoms, adhering to such a diet can also promote overall gut health by minimizing the intake of fermentable sugars that can be problematic for sensitive individuals.
Safe for Long-Term Consumption: While many restrictive diets are not recommended for long-term adherence, a low FODMAP Teriyaki Donburi, as part of a balanced diet, can be safely consumed for extended periods.

Teriyaki Donburi with Extra Firm Tofu - Ingredients Breakdown

1. Extra Firm Tofu: Made from water, organic soybeans, calcium sulfate, and calcium chloride, this tofu provides a meaty texture without the meat. It's a great source of protein and calcium, making it an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans.
2. Water: Essential for cooking rice and diluting sauces to get the right consistency.
3. Basmati Rice: A long-grain rice known for its fragrant aroma and fluffy texture, serving as the perfect base for the dish.
4. Kale: A nutrient-dense leafy green, kale adds color, texture, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals to the dish.
5. Gluten-Free Soy Sauce: This sauce imparts the classic umami flavor without the gluten. It’s made from water, soybeans, salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, and lactic acid.
6. Sugar: Adds a touch of sweetness to balance out the savory elements, creating that signature teriyaki flavor.
7. Scallions (green tops only): These offer a mild onion flavor and a pop of green color. Only the green tops are used to ensure the dish remains low in FODMAPs.
8. Sesame Oil: With its distinct nutty flavor, sesame oil enhances the overall taste and aroma of the dish.
9. Garlic-Infused Olive Oil: While garlic can be high in FODMAPs, infusing it in olive oil imparts its flavor without the FODMAP content. This gives the dish a hint of garlic without the potential digestive discomfort.
10. Ginger Juice: Extracted from fresh ginger, this juice provides a zesty kick and warmth to the dish.
11. Sesame Seeds: These tiny seeds add a slight crunch and enhance the presentation, making the dish not only tasty but visually appealing.

Teriyaki Donburi with Chicken- Ingredients Breakdown

Chicken: The star of the dish, chicken provides a lean source of protein and a tender texture that soaks up the teriyaki marinade beautifully.
Water: Essential for cooking the rice to perfection and creating a luscious teriyaki sauce consistency.
Basmati Rice: A long-grain rice known for its aromatic presence and fluffy texture, it serves as a comforting and flavorful base.
Kale: This nutrient-dense green adds a touch of earthiness and a crunchy contrast, packed with vitamins and minerals.
Gluten-Free Soy Sauce: A fusion of water, soybeans, salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, and lactic acid, this sauce offers the classic umami-rich depth without the gluten.
Sugar: Balancing out the savory depth of the soy sauce, sugar gives the teriyaki its characteristic sweet undertone.
Scallions (green tops only): These add a hint of freshness and a slight bite, complementing the dish's rich flavors.
Sesame Oil: Imparting a nutty aroma, sesame oil enhances the overall flavor profile of the dish.
Garlic-Infused Olive Oil: By using just the natural garlic flavor infused in olive oil, the dish gains a hint of garlic's pungency without the FODMAPs often associated with whole garlic.
Ginger Juice: This zesty ingredient brings warmth and a spicy note, a classic pairing with teriyaki flavors.
Sesame Seeds: These tiny seeds add a delightful crunch and a touch of nuttiness, garnishing the dish with both taste and aesthetics.

Ingredients in Teriyaki Donburi Beef:
Beef: A protein-rich source that adds flavor and sustenance. Meats like beef are naturally free from FODMAPs, making them easy to digest for most individuals.
Water: Used for cooking and preparing sauces; it's neutral and FODMAP-free.
Basmati Rice: This type of rice is low in FODMAPs and is easier on the gut compared to some other carbohydrate sources.
Kale: A nutritious green, kale is low in FODMAPs when consumed in controlled portions, offering essential vitamins and minerals.
Gluten-Free Soy Sauce: Traditional soy sauce contains wheat (a high FODMAP ingredient). Opting for a gluten-free version ensures the flavor without the potential gut irritants.
Sugar: Used for flavor, sugar is low in FODMAPs when consumed in moderation.
Scallions (green tops only): The green tops of scallions are low in FODMAPs, while the white bulbs are high. By using only the green tops, you get the flavor without the fermentable carbs.
Sesame Oil: Adds depth to the dish, and oils are naturally free from FODMAPs.
Garlic-Infused Olive Oil: A clever way to incorporate garlic flavor. While garlic itself is high in FODMAPs, the infused oil contains the taste without the FODMAPs, as the problematic compounds aren't fat-soluble.
Ginger Juice: Ginger aids in digestion and adds zest to the dish. It's low in FODMAPs, making it both flavorful and gut-friendly.
Sesame Seeds: These tiny seeds pack a punch of flavor and are low in FODMAPs. They also offer a slight crunch and added texture.

Ingredients in Teriyaki Donburi Turkey Balls:
Turkey: A lean source of protein, turkey is naturally free from FODMAPs and is easily digestible.
Water: Essential for cooking and has no FODMAPs.
Basmati Rice: A low FODMAP grain that provides carbohydrates without triggering digestive symptoms.
Lactose-Free Milk: By removing lactose, a common FODMAP, this milk variant is easily digestible for those sensitive to lactose.
Kale: A nutrient-dense green that, when consumed in moderate amounts, fits within the low FODMAP guidelines.
Gluten-Free Soy Sauce: Removes gluten, a potential irritant, and provides the umami flavor associated with soy sauce.
Scallions (green tops only): The green parts of scallions are low in FODMAPs, adding flavor without digestive issues.
Sugar: Used in moderation for flavor and has no FODMAPs.
Tomato Paste: While some tomato products can be high in FODMAPs, small quantities are generally well-tolerated.
Puffed Rice (brown rice): Brown rice is a whole grain, low in FODMAPs, and provides texture.
Sesame Oil: Adds flavor without adding FODMAPs.
Garlic-Infused Olive Oil: By infusing the oil with garlic and removing the actual garlic pieces, you get the flavor without the FODMAP content.
Parmesan Cheese: Hard cheeses like parmesan are low in lactose, making them more digestible.
Ginger Juice: Adds zest and is a known ingredient for aiding digestion.
Parsley: A flavorful herb with no FODMAPs.
Sesame Seeds: Provide crunch and are naturally low in FODMAPs.
Salt, Ground Oregano, Nutmeg, White Pepper: Seasonings that enhance flavor without introducing FODMAPs.

Nutrition Facts (%) - percentage of daily value
Serving size
11.49oz (326g)
1 serving per container
Per Serving
Total fat
Saturated fat
Trans fat
Total carbohydrate
Dietary fiber
Total sugars
Includes added sugars
Vitamin D
All Ingredients
Contains:  Soy, Soybeans
Extra Firm Tofu (water, organic soybeans, calcium sulfate, calcium chloride), Water, Basmati Rice, Kale, Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (water, soybeans, salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar and lactic acid), Sugar, Scallions (green tops only), Sesame Oil, Garlic-Infused Olive Oil (olive oil, natural garlic flavor), Ginger Juice, Sesame Seeds.

How to Prepare


Remove all lids and any plastic components. Microwave for 1-2 minutes. If necessary, heat in 30 second intervals until sufficiently warm. Add components if included, and enjoy! CAUTION - food may be very hot - test before consuming.
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