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Enjoy Warm low FODMAP Gluten Free Extra Sensitive for IBD & IBS Symptoms

Turkey Meatballs with Penne

Epicured's Low FODMAP Turkey Meatballs: A Delightful Culinary Experience

Discover the delectable fusion of flavor and health with Epicured's Low FODMAP Turkey Meatballs. Our turkey meatballs, crafted meticulously, offer a tender and juicy bite, ensuring every mouthful is a journey to gastronomic pleasure.

Gluten-Free Penne Pasta: Perfectly cooked, our gluten-free penne pasta provides a wholesome base, making it not just a delight for those with dietary restrictions, but for everyone who appreciates a fine pasta experience.

Basil Pomodoro Sauce: Drizzled on top, the fresh basil pomodoro sauce introduces an aromatic burst of tangy and sweet notes, perfectly complementing the savory essence of the turkey meatballs.

Nutritious Broccoli Side: To balance the indulgence, our plate comes adorned with lightly steamed broccoli. This vibrant green addition is not just a treat for the eyes but also packed with nutrients, ensuring you get a mix of taste and health.

Parmesan Cheese – The Final Touch: For those who love a sprinkle of rich, sharp flavors, our package includes parmesan cheese served separately. Whether you want a generous topping or just a hint, you control your cheesy destiny.

Why Choose Epicured’s Turkey Meatballs?

Diet-Friendly: Crafted following the Low FODMAP guidelines, this dish is a friend to your gut. Say goodbye to digestive discomfort and embrace a meal that's both tasty and gentle on your system.

Quality Ingredients: Every ingredient is handpicked to ensure you get nothing but the best. From the tender turkey to the fragrant basil, it's a plate full of quality and love.

Packaging Perfection: With parmesan cheese packaged separately, we ensure flavors remain fresh, and you get to customize your plate just the way you like it.

Experience the symphony of flavors and health with Epicured's Turkey Meatballs dish. It's not just food; it's an experience. Order yours today and relish the goodness of Low FODMAP meals crafted to perfection.

Monash Disclosure

This dish contains 75 grams of broccoli. According to Monash University, up to 75 grams of broccoli is low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals with IBS.
Nutrition Facts (%) - percentage of daily value
Serving size
16.29oz (462g)
1 serving per container
Per Serving
Total fat
Saturated fat
Trans fat
Total carbohydrate
Dietary fiber
Total sugars
Includes added sugars
Vitamin D
All Ingredients
Contains:  Milk
Turkey Meatballs with Penne, Broccoli and Basil Pomodoro Sauce: Turkey, Broccoli, Water, Tomatoes, Gluten Free Pasta (corn flour, rice flour, mono and diglycerides), Lactose Free Fat Free Milk (fat free milk, lactase enzyme, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D3), Parmesan Cheese (pasteurized part-skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, powdered cellulose added to prevent caking, natamycin (a natural mold inhibitor)), Tomato Paste (tomatoes, naturally derived citric acid), Scallions (green tops only), Puffed Rice (brown rice), Parsley, Garlic-Infused Olive Oil (olive oil, natural garlic flavor), Onion-Infused Olive Oil (olive oil, natural onion flavor), Salt, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Ground Oregano, Nutmeg, White Pepper, Black Pepper.

How to Prepare


Remove all lids and any plastic components. Microwave for 1-2 minutes. If necessary, heat in 30 second intervals until sufficiently warm. Add components if included, and enjoy! CAUTION - food may be very hot - test before consuming.
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